The Association for Information Systems (AIS) awards up to five prizes in the area of information systems each year. This year, the work conducted by a group led by Stefan Seidel at the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein was awarded the prize.

The award-winning publications are selected from publications submitted to the AIS by leading scientific journals, the University of Liechtenstein explains in a press release. The Institute of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein was presented with one of the AIS Best Information Systems Publications Awards.
In specific terms, the publication to win this award was “Design Principles for Sensemaking Support Systems in Environmental Sustainability Transformations” produced by the group headed up by Stefan Seidel, which was published in the “European Journal of Information Systems”. The press release states that the Chair of Information Systems and Innovation at the University of Liechtenstein used this work to develop and analyze “knowledge on the design on use of software platforms to support sustainability transformations in organizations” alongside Leona Chandra Kruse, Nadine Székely, Michael Gau and Daniel Stieger.
Seidel commented in the press release that the work serves to substantiate the university’s expertise in the key issues of digitalization and sustainability, before explaining how the prize is also testament to the fact that digital innovations can be used to make a huge contribution to the sustainable development of organizations and society.

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