The coronavirus pandemic has caused the number of overnight stays in the 2020 summer season to fall below the previous year’s figure. Hotels in the Alps, however, saw a rise in the number of stays. The average duration of a guest’s stay also increased on the 2019 summer season.

According to the latest Tourism Statistics from the Office for Statistics (AS), 32,419 guests booked a total of 62,886 overnight stays in Liechtenstein from May to October this year. When compared with summer 2019, this corresponds to a decrease in guest figures of 37.8 percent. The number of recorded overnight stays was down 24.8 percent over the same timeframe. AS analysts put these declines down to the coronavirus pandemic.
In contrast to hotels in the Rhine Valley, Alpine hotels registered an increase in overnight stays of 17.3 percent to 25,223 nights. The share of overnight stays accounted for by hotels in the Alps increased over the year from 25.7 percent to 40.1 percent. The average length of stay in the Alpine hotels also rose year on year, from 1.8 to 2.7 nights. On average, guests in Liechtenstein stayed for 1.9 nights, which is 0.3 nights longer than in the previous year.
Broken down by origin, guests visiting Liechtenstein above all came from Switzerland this summer. With 33,808 overnight stays, their share of all stays was 53.8 percent. Visitors from Germany ranked second, with 15,226 overnights and a share of 24.2 percent.
By comparison with neighboring countries, the declines recorded for the 2020 summer season were lowest in Liechtenstein. Switzerland registered a year-on-year decline of 40.9 percent in overnight stays. In Vorarlberg, Austria, overnight stays were down 29.4 percent on the 2019 summer season. AS highlights that figures were not yet available for Austria as a whole when the report was compiled.

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