Ivoclar Vivadent now offers an app that allows patients to see a virtual image of the potential outcome of an orthodontic treatment in a virtual mirror. The app uses augmented reality technology and can be used on iPads and iPhones.

A new app from Ivoclar Vivadent enables orthodontists to show patients a moving image of the potential treatment outcome in a virtual mirror. These realistic simulations mean patients can base their decision on a tangible treatment goal. The IvoSmile Orthodontics app is equipped with augmented reality technology. 
The iPad or iPhone camera captures the patient’s face and displays it in real time on the screen. All movements of the face are interactively shown. According to a press release, the enhanced representation of the face is achieved with the help of software which overlays the existing jaw situation with teeth in a computer-generated optimal position.
The orthodontist first uses the TRIOS Treatment Simulator app to simulate the orthodontic treatment outcome. It is automatically loaded into the IvoSmile Orthodontics app via the 3Shape Communicate portal and “the virtual mirror is ready for viewing”. As a result, information about time and cost recede into the background and “communication clearly revolves around the patient’s potential for dental improvement”.

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