Unemployment in Liechtenstein was unchanged on a year-on-year basis in September. Compared with the previous month, the rate of unemployment increased marginally. However, it remains low in an international comparison.

According to the data collected by the Liechtenstein Job Market Service (AMS FL), 295 people in Liechtenstein were registered unemployed as at the end of September. In comparison with last year, the number of people registered unemployed as well as the unemployment rate both remained unchanged. There was, however, a month-on-month rise of 12 people registered unemployed, with the unemployment rate rising by 0.1 percentage points to 1.5 percent versus August in the process.

In terms of youth unemployment, an increase of three to 37 young people registered unemployed was recorded in September in comparison with the previous month. However, when compared with September 2018, youth unemployment has actually fallen by 12 people. The youth unemployment rate declined year on year by 0.5 percentage points to 1.7 percent.

Of people aged 25-49 years old, a total of 171 people were registered unemployed in September, which equates to an increase of nine people against the previous month. In the 50-plus age group, the number of people registered unemployed rose by three to 87 people. At 871, the number of job vacancies reported at AMS FL was up by 23 on the previous year’s figure. Short-hours employment due to economic or climatic factors was not reported to AMS FL in September.

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