Unemployment in Liechtenstein increased by 94 individuals on a year-on-year basis to stand at 370 people in December 2020. The unemployment rate has therefore risen by 0.4 percentage points to 1.8 percent. In comparison with the previous month, nine more people registered as unemployed.

According to data from Arbeitsmarkt Service Liechtenstein (AMS FL; labor market service for the principality of Liechtenstein), a total of 370 people were registered unemployed as at the end of December 2020. In comparison with the previous year, this equates to a rise of 94 people. The unemployment rate increased at the same time by 0.4 percentage points to 1.8 percent. In comparison with November 2020, nine more people were registered unemployed, although this does mean that the unemployment rate remained unchanged month on month.
In terms of youth unemployment, a decline of three individuals to 32 people was recorded in December 2020 versus the previous month. In comparison with year-end 2019, the number of young people unemployed in Liechtenstein has fallen by two. The rate of youth unemployment has declined by 0.1 percentage points year on year to currently stand at 1.5 percent.
In the age group 25-49, a total of 225 people were registered unemployed in December, which represents a rise of eight people in comparison with November. For the 50+ age group, the number of people registered unemployed rose by four to 113 people in comparison with the previous month. At 864, the number of vacancies advertised by the AMS FL was 78 jobs up on the figure recorded in December 2019. Short-time working hours introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic were reported to the AMS FL by 860 businesses during the reporting month. A further 12 companies had applied for compensation for weather-related short-time working hours.

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