Last year, the average rate of unemployment in Liechtenstein dropped to the lowest level in recent years. On average, there were 324 unemployed in the country in 2018.

According to the unemployment statistics for 2018 published by the Office for Statistics (AS), the unemployment rate in Liechtenstein averaged 1.7 percent last year. Across the year, the highest figure of 1.9 percent was recorded in February, while unemployment was 1.5 percent at its lowest in May, June and September. Two years previously, in 2016, the average rate of unemployment had been 2.3 percent, and in 2017 it was 1.9 percent.

By age categories, the highest rate of 2.1 percent was registered for those aged between 15 and 24 in the reporting year. In 2018, there were 42 unemployed young adults on average over the year, which is a decrease of 18 on 2017. Among those aged 25 to 49, the unemployment rate last year was 1.7 percent on average. Of those over 50 able to work, 1.4 percent were unemployed on average.

At 1.9 percent, average unemployment was 0.4 percentage points higher for women than for men in 2018. The rate of unemployment at the same time fell for foreigners in Liechtenstein, to 2.5 percent, which is still 1.3 percentage points above that for national citizens.

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