Bank Frick has increased its stake in fintech from Ruggell to over 50 per cent. The company operates a platform via which issuers can offer financial products digitally.

Bank Frick already acquired a stake of 25 per cent in AG in September 2018. Now it is increasing its share to 50.14 per cent and will therefore become a majority shareholder in the fintech from Ruggell. The founders Max J. Heinzle and Udo Oksakowski hold just under 30 per cent of the shares. The remaining shares are in free float. operates the platform area2Invest, which connects investors and issuers, thereby providing a wealth of financing solutions for companies seeking capital. “For Bank Frick, area2Invest is an excellent showcase via which we can present and sell our proposals and issues to our customers”, explains Raphael Haldner, Head of Fund and Capital Markets at Bank Frick and a member of the Board of Directors of AG, in a press release. “We are confident that other financial institutions will see the potential too.” 

“In the first phase, we will enable the primary market issue of classic transferable assets such as funds, bonds and certificates. After that, we would soon like to begin issuing security tokens”, Haldner continues. “The fact that we distribute regulated financial products via area2Invest is a unique selling point that clearly distinguishes us from the vast majority of fintechs, who primarily operate in the field of crowd investing.”

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