Bank Frick is launching an active tracker certificate for Bitcoin and Ether. The certificate is being issued as both a classic security and a token. The Bank is partnering with Bitcoin Suisse from Zug on this new product.

Bank Frick is issuing an active BTC-ETH tracker. The underlying assets of the tracker are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), it was reported in a press release. The tracker certificate is being issued as both a classic security and a token.

Bank Frick is partnering with Bitcoin Suisse from Zug on this new product. While the Bank is the issuer of the crypto certificate, Bitcoin Suisse is acting as crypto broker and is responsible for the execution of the BTC and ETH transactions via the global crypto exchanges.

The aim is that this active BTC-ETH tracker will help anchor blockchain banking on the market. “The product’s design demonstrates the innovative capacity that links Bank Frick and Bitcoin Suisse,” emphasized Raphael Haldner, Head of Funds and Capital Markets at Bank Frick. “With our certificate, professional market participants benefit from a future-oriented capital market solution.”

The Bank had previously announced that the head of blockchain banking at Bank Frick would be joining Bitcoin Suisse in a management role. Blockchain expert Mauro Casellini will be CEO of the Liechtenstein subsidiary of Bitcoin Suisse as of 1 July.

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