Around 200 blockchain companies from Crypto Valley are using Bank Frick’s services. The Liechtenstein bank now plans to win more customers in Switzerland with a blockchain bus in Zug that is advertising Liechtenstein as a blockchain hub.

Bank Frick’s new "Boost your Blockchain Business" bus has been on the move in Zug this week. The bus is clad with advertising graphics and will be in operation in Crypto Valley for the next three months, according to a statement. Given that the "border is just 99 kilometres away" from Zug, Bank Frick hopes to position Liechtenstein as a blockchain hub and advertise its own services for blockchain companies. 

Around 200 companies from Crypto Valley are already using Bank Frick’s services – largely because two years ago, it was not possible for blockchain companies to have an account with a Swiss bank. Bank Frick, on the other hand, has been offering services to blockchain companies for several years. 

With the new blockchain act, Liechtenstein has "created Europe’s most comprehensive blockchain regulation", explained Bank Frick CEO Edi Wögerer. He highlighted that Switzerland and Liechtenstein chose different courses in blockchain regulation: whereas Liechtenstein is dealing with the blockchain issue in a new law, Switzerland is amending existing laws to regulate this area. “The future will show which path was the better one. But I’m convinced that Liechtenstein did a lot of things the right way," said Wögerer.

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