The battery technology company Hilti and ETH spin-off Battrion have jointly developed a new type of battery cell. In contrast to existing models, this innovative design offers improved performance and can be recharged more rapidly.

Hilti and Battrion have jointly developed a new battery cell, as detailed in a press release issued by the two companies. The new model is based on the patented Aligned Graphite technology from Battrion. Thanks to this technology, the battery cells exhibit increased discharge performance of up to 20 percent in power tool applications in comparison with conventional battery solutions. In other application areas, the innovative battery cells even demonstrate an increase in discharge performance of up to 40 percent. Moreover, charging times in comparison with conventional cells have been reduced by 50 percent. The companies have underlined that this increased performance has not been achieved at the expense of a curtailed service life of the rechargeable batteries.
Battrion AG, based in Dübendorf, was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). According to Andreas Bong, Head of Corporate Research at the Hilti Group, this collaboration serves as a role model for technology transfer. “This is further proof of the benefits of long-lasting relationships with leading universities and the openness to collaborate with young start-ups”, he comments.
“Through our collaboration with Hilti, we’ve gained important industrial insights, particularly to the power tool market”, explains Martin Ebner, CEO of Battrion, in the press release. The battery cells jointly developed by the two companies will now additionally be used by Hilti in its tools.

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