On 26 March, the Institute for Business Law at the University Liechtenstein will be hosting the Blockchain meets Liechtenstein conference for the third time. At this event, legal issues around the topic of security tokens will be examined in-depth.

The Blockchain meets Liechtenstein conference is focusing on the new Blockchain Act. A key section of this Act is dedicated to the token economy. By introducing this token as a new legal entity, Liechtenstein is enabling real values to be represented digitally in a way that cannot be copied or manipulated. In the two preceding events of the conference series, a wide range of regulatory and private-law issues in connection with the legislative proposal were discussed.

The consultation period for the government report on creating the Blockchain Act has now expired. According to a press release from the University of Liechtenstein, the third conference will therefore “start with an update on current developments in Liechtenstein”. In the next block, experts will then examine the topic of security tokens “in-depth from a Liechtenstein, Swiss and Austrian perspective”. International private-law questions in relation to security tokens will also be explained.

The second thematic block will address “current developments around crypto-based assets and business models”. This will be exploring civil law, tax and accounting aspects. Speakers will also look at “the relationship between data protection and blockchain” and issues on the treatment of tokens in the case of bankruptcy.

Following the talks and group discussion, a drinks reception will offer the chance for further conversation. Registration for the conference is open until 18 March.

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