The Bell Food Group significantly raised its sales revenue in financial year 2018. Growth was above all attributable to the Convenience business area, which also includes Hilcona AG based in Schaan.

According to a press release from the Bell Food Group, the Basel meat and convenience food processor generated overall sales revenue of 4.1 billion Swiss francs in the past financial year. When compared with financial year 2017, this equates to growth of 15.4 percent. The Group above all puts this significant improvement down to an increase in sales volume and revenue in the Convenience business area. This encompasses the international food company Hilcona, based in Schaan. “Hilcona can look back on a successful financial year and posted growth in all retail and food service markets,” the Liechtenstein food company reported in its press release.

In addition, the Bell Food Group expanded its Convenience operations last year through the acquisition of the Swiss companies Hügli and Sylvain & CO. This business area therefore contributes around one quarter to the overall revenue of Bell Food. In the current year, the Group plans to further increase its growth in Convenience. In particular, the new facility of Bell Food in Marchtrenk, Austria, will stimulate this strategic growth.

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