Clinicum Alpinum will become operational in April. The Gaflei clinic specializes in treating severe depression and exhaustion and has its own sleep clinic.

Clinicum Alpinum AG writes in a press release that when Clinicum Alpinum opens on April 1, 2019 it will be one of the most modern specialist clinics for treating people with severe depression in the German-speaking world. The clinic is managed by entrepreneur couple Michaela and Marc Risch and with its location in Gaflei, 1500 meters above the Rhine Valley, offers "peace, security and privacy". Its central European location nevertheless ensures that it is easily accessible.

Clinicum Alpinum specializes in treating severe depression. According to the press release, 30 medical professionals support patients "in a high-frequency therapy setting" during their eight to twelve-week stay. Language-based psychotherapy and other treatments such as creative and movement therapies are used as well as psychotropic drugs on a temporary basis.

Clinicum Alpinum also has a sleep clinic and a non-university research center for sport psychiatry. The sleep clinic is intended to cater for the needs of people suffering from depression, who mostly also have problems sleeping. Sport psychiatry is aimed at top athletes with mental disorders.

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