The second edition of the Digital Summit was dedicated to the opportunities and risks presented by Artificial Intelligence. The event organizers were able to secure neuroscientist and Starmind founder Pascal Kaufmann as keynote speaker for the conference held on September 25 in Vaduz.

The conference offered attendees the chance to learn all about the most recent information and trends in relation to the opportunities and risks presented by Artificial Intelligence (AI), as revealed by in a press release. Around 300 leading personalities from the worlds of economics, science and politics took part in the Digital Summit 2019 held at Vaduz Town Hall on September 25, 2019. The event, dubbed the “industry conference for decision-makers in the digital location of Liechtenstein”, also welcomed both domestic and foreign guests, the press release states.

In terms of speakers, was able to secure Pascal Kaufmann, among others. The neuroscientist and founder of the Zurich-based start-up Starmind used his speech to discuss in particular the positive aspects of AI. The press release included an excerpt from Kaufmann’s speech: “I believe that we are on the cusp of a Golden Age if we use Artificial Intelligence in the proper way”. Conversely, Marc Holitscher, Board Member at Microsoft Schweiz, presented the challenges and hurdles to be overcome during this speech. He indicated “that new technologies do not just occur independently, but rather they are developed on the back of human decisions”. In addition to speeches, the program for the event also included “breakout sessions”, during which “future issues in relation to digitalization were discussed in greater detail”, the event organizers explained.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein and Minister for the Economy, Daniel Risch was quoted in the press release: “The event organizers selected an exceptionally topical yet controversial subject in the form of the opportunities and risks presented by Artificial Intelligence. I am convinced that the potential of AI can be best deployed in areas where it supports and reduces the burden on people going about their everyday work”.

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