The government of Liechtenstein is pressing ahead with plans to reissue its digital check funding instrument. In so doing, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be supported in their efforts to implement digitalization measures.

The government of Liechtenstein is reacting to huge demand for its digital check funding instrument, as detailed in a press release. By continuing this program, efforts initiated last year aimed at accelerating the digitalization of SMEs in the principality are to be continued.
The digital checks are intended to help finance digitalization measures and the introduction of Industry 4.0. SMEs operating in manufacturing industries that were founded at least five years ago are eligible to apply for this support.
Moreover, the government of Liechtenstein will also be handing out innovation and export checks. These also serve the purpose of advancing digitalization and promoting innovation at SMEs. The government’s aim here is to make a contribution to securing the long-term competitiveness of Liechtenstein as a center of business and innovation.

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