– This year’s Digital Day in Vaduz was attended by several thousand people. The highlight of this digital event was a speech from futurist Matthias Horx. Other agenda items included a virtual sightseeing flight over Vaduz.

This year’s Digital Day in Vaduz took place on October 31 in virtual form for the first time, as explained by the organization digital-liechtenstein.li in a press release. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic not only determined the necessity for this form of event, but was also discussed as part of various agenda items over a live stream.
According to the event organizers, the Digital Day was watched online by several thousand viewers. The highlight of the event was a speech given by futurist Matthias Horx, the press release states. Horx used his speech to discuss themes such as changes and opportunities in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.
Furthermore, the participants were treated to a whole host of Learning Labs. During these 45-minute live stream sessions, participants were able to find out all about issues such as protection against hacking attacks, for example. The Swiss start-up Somniac also made possible a virtual sightseeing flight tour where participants could see Vaduz from the air. A third Learning Lab showcased Liechtenstein’s electronic ID solution.

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