On November 5, Vaduz Town Hall will host this year’s Wirtschaftswunder. Vaduzer Medienhaus AG has invited the CEO of Rivella AG, Erland Brügger, among others, to speak at the event. His keynote speech is entitled “No entrepreneurship without risk”.

This year, Wirtschaftswunder will be held under the motto “Facing Risk: Risk – Friend or Foe”, as revealed on the internet portal of the annual event arranged by Vaduzer Medienhaus AG. In keeping with this theme, Erland Brügger studied risk management at the University of St.Gallen in his younger years. The CEO of Rivella AG will hold a speak at this year’s Wirtschaftswunder, covering issues such as when taking risks can pay off for a company, as well as when they do not.

The second keynote speaker is Felix Kramer, President of the Supervisory Board of Huawei Switzerland. He is set to report on the political risks in his field of business. The US President Donald Trump currently has his sights set on Huawei. He is advocating for sanctions to be placed on the Chinese tech giant. Kramer is nevertheless intending to create up to 1,000 research jobs in Switzerland.

The third speaker at this year’s Wirtschaftwunder will discuss risks of a completely different nature. Felix Baumgartner shot to fame in 2012 when he jumped back to Earth from the stratosphere. The extreme sports athlete will cover this and other extreme experiences in his speech at Wirtschaftswunder.

Other speakers are set to be announced shortly, Medienhaus AG has stated on the event portal. Additional information and the current status of the program can be found here as well. Registration for the event is also possible via the portal. An early registration discount is offered for those who sign up before September 30.

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