Twelve companies have so far established themselves in the industrial zone of Ruggell with the help of Hoi-Start-ups. Space is now lacking for startups, so a coworking area with eight further workstations is to be added.

There are now 373 companies with a total of 1,670 employees working in Ruggell, said Dorothea Alber in an article in the Vaterland newspaper. Most have their headquarters in the Industriestrasse and Industriering of the northernmost community in Liechtenstein. Here, in a building next to the offices of Kommod, is where the Hoi-Start-ups initiative has made space for startups. It was founded three years ago by Thomas Büchel, Jan vom Brocke and former Prime Minister Klaus Tschütscher.

Now that 12 startups have moved into the building, the space has reportedly “reached the limits of its capacity”. Thomas Büchel therefore wants Hoi-Start-ups to expand. A coworking space is to be set up on another floor. “We want to add another eight workplaces,” says Büchel in the article. The tenants will be able to use the entire infrastructure of Hoi-Start-ups.

Alongside startups, Büchel says established companies will also be welcome in the coworking space. As tenants are not tied in for more than a month at a time, the Hoi-Start-ups co-founder says what they offer has the advantage of enabling companies to “grow according to their spatial needs”. The “modern open-plan office based on the Google model” is scheduled to be ready for use this year.

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