The University of Liechtenstein is leading a new Erasmus+ project. This will seek to deal with the question as to how the lack of experts in the field of information security can be rectified.

A new Erasmus+ project at the University of Liechtenstein is aiming to discover why there is a lack of experts in the field of information security. The project is being led by Prof. Dr. Pavel Laskov, Hilti Chair for Data and Application Security. In view of the ever more prevalent danger posed by cyber-attacks against both companies and private individuals, experts in the field of protection against digital dangers are increasingly in demand.
The team in Liechtenstein will seek to get to the bottom of the causes behind this lack of experts together with the Universities of Innsbruck and Würzburg. The project will focus on analysing job ads and academic curricula, as detailed in a press release. This should lead to the identification of the requisite key qualifications. Moreover, the academic profiles of various different universities will be compared and contrasted with the skills in demand on the personnel market.
The results are expected to be publicly presented by the end of 2021.

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