A delegation from the Liechtenstein financial market has met with representatives from politics, administration and business in Berlin. Their aim was to share information about the Liechtenstein financial market. At the heart of discussions were the coronavirus crisis and digitalization.

Last week, a delegation comprising the Liechtenstein ambassador Isabel Frommelt-Gottschald, Roland Müller, President of the Supervisory Board of the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA), and Mario Gassner, CEO of the FMA, travelled to Berlin. There, they participated in a meeting with members of the German parliament and representatives of the authorities and the private economy.
According to an FMA press release, the talks were aimed at sharing knowledge on the Liechtenstein financial market, strengthening trust in the financial market and addressing the interests of Liechtenstein and Liechtenstein’s financial intermediaries. They also highlighted that Germany is a key market for Liechtenstein’s financial players.
Overcoming the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis was at the heart of discussions. Other topics included digitalization of the finance sector and regulatory questions as well as Brexit and the fight against money laundering.

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