Telecom Liechtenstein (FL1) can report positive development since the introduction of its white-label solution for cell phone contracts. This business model now contributes 10 percent to total sales. In addition, FL1 now has more end customers in Switzerland than in Liechtenstein.

The white-label cell phone business of Telecom Liechtenstein has recorded growth of over 80 percent in each of the past two years. This business model now contributes approximately 10 percent of total sales. This was reported in a press release issued by the Vaduz-based telecommunications firm.
The white-label solution allows cable network operators, electricity companies and internet service providers, for example, to offer cell phone products under their own brand. The network of the Swiss telecommunications enterprise Sunrise is available to the partners. “Both the number of partners and the number of end customers is growing steadily”, comments Markus Hofbauer, Head of Business Sales at Telecom Liechtenstein, in the press release. “And there are other potential partner companies in the sales pipeline”, he adds.
Moreover, a total of ten Swiss companies are now using the range of white-label cell phone solutions developed by FL1. Five of these were new customers in 2020, while another is currently in the implementation phase. The number of end customers is also on the rise. Since the end of 2020, FL1 has actually been serving more cell phone customers in Switzerland than in Liechtenstein. The company expects that this growth trend will “continue unchecked” in the future.

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