The Liechtenstein-based start-up Globalmatix has received its first major order. It has been contracted to supply its telematic and diagnostic devices for a total of 200,000 vehicles manufactured by a German carmaker.

Globalmatix has landed its first major order. Although the client’s name has not been disclosed, it is known to be a subsidiary of a major German carmaker, as detailed by the start-up in a press release. Globalmatix will equip a total of 200,000 vehicles with its telematic and diagnostic devices. Based on the telematic and diagnostic data supplied, the client’s intention is to provide service products for fleet management and remote vehicle and engine monitoring. The order volume totals eight figures, while the contract itself is for an initial term of five years.

The client will be showcasing its vehicles equipped with the telematic product at the international automotive trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, in the fall. It will therefore become the first major company on the market to use the Globalmatix solution.

Globalmatix expects its first major order to act as a positive signal for a series of potential additional customers. Application areas for the start-up’s solution could, for example, include real-time access to diagnostic data in vehicles, fleet management for large companies and leasing firms, anti-theft monitoring, geolocation data, car sharing as well as driving profile for delivery and service vehicles.

The start-up has also announced that it is intending to hire additional staff over the next few months. A total of 40 new employees are to be added in two stages to the current staff complement of ten.

Globalmatix was founded at the end of 2017 Alois Widmann before being taken over by the German firm Softing AG shortly afterwards. The company is headquartered in Vaduz, although Globalmatix also maintains a subsidiary in North America.

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