The Hilcona Taste Factory is launching another meat substitute product under its brand The Green Mountain: a 200g Plant-Based Steak. It consists of soya and wheat proteins and has been designed to offer the same texture as real meat.

A fourth product has been added to the range of vegan meat substitutes offered under The Green Mountain brand: a 200g Plant-Based Steak. According to information from the company, it is being launched in the coming days and will be available in the refrigerated aisles of Coop stores alongside the Plant-Based Meatloaf and Plant-Based Burger, as well as the minced beef substitute Plant-Based Ground, from The Green Mountain.

This latest product from the Hilcona Taste Factory, based in Landquart in the canton of Graubünden and part of the Schaan-based food producers Hilcona, is rich in Vitamin B12, sources of fiber as well as soya and wheat proteins, a press release details. “We have received countless enquiries as to whether The Green Mountain would also be making plant-based steaks. This was our inspiration”, comments Werner Ott, CEO of The Green Mountain, in a press release. Following numerous attempts, the team succeeded not only in producing a meat substitute product, but also “the perfect 200g steak”.

“Our steak looks the same, tastes just as great and offers the same texture as real meat”, says Kevin Y. Thoma, Brand Manager at The Green Mountain. “For me, it is always best when we launch a product that is just inspired. With the new Plant-Based Steak, we achieved this together”.

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