Schaan – In the fields surrounding the Hilcona factory, the harvest of baby carrots has started. This year, a total of 39 producers have been growing carrots for the convenience specialist on 90 hectares of land. Potatoes are being cultivated on a further 85 hectares.

For Hilcona, the availability of fields next to its own factory is one of the main benefits of being located in Liechtenstein. Since the manufacturer of convenience products started operations more than eight decades ago, a significant portion of its raw produce has been sourced from the fields in Liechtenstein.

According to a press release issued by Hilcona, its subsidiary Hilcona Agrar planted potatoes across an area of 85 hectares this year, while a total of 39 producers have been growing baby carrots for Hilcona across an area of 90 hectares. In total, Hilcona Agrar works with around 400 producers in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The requirements with regard to production and technology have, however, changed over the course of the past eight decades. The crops must be single-origin, without any defects or diseases. GPS is used to plant the potato crops and to sow carrots in order to ensure optimal fine distribution. In spring the foundations of a good harvest are laid, explains Andreas Flater in the press release. Flater is responsible for planting the potatoes. “For this reason, it is all the more important that we use the best technology in addition to optimal climatic conditions”, he states.

The harvest of the carrots has now started, while the potatoes will be harvested later this year in the fall.

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