Hilcona has developed a climate assessment for menus in canteens. This can reduce CO2 by around 60 percent compared with standard catering at midday. In spite of this, guests do not have to give up meat.

Hilcona, a food company based in Schaan, has announced in a press release that it has launched its program entitled “So is(s)t Klimafreundlich” [This is how to live (and eat) in a climate-friendly way]. With this, together with the Zurich-based environmental specialist Eaternity, Hilcona is investigating the impact of foods on the climate. Specifically, the program creates a climate assessment for menus in canteens.

Martin Henck is quoted in the press release, saying: “Climate protection cannot wait.” For this reason, the company is pooling resources into the fight against climate change and is introducing new initiatives, the CEO of Hilcona adds. “This is why Hilcona Foodservice, together with specialists from the Swiss company Eaternity, has created its own climate assessment for unique culinary creations.”

The program, which specifically targets community catering, enables CO2 emissions to be decreased by around 60 percent versus standard catering at midday, the press release goes on to explain. However, there is no need to give up meat. Animal products have instead been “reduced using innovative solutions” according to Hilcona. Moreover, there are “many, varied, plant-based ingredients” in the menu, which the press release states not only help to protect the climate, but at the same time also form the basis of healthy nutrition.

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