Hilcona will become the first company in Liechtenstein to use a lorry powered by hydrogen. The food manufacturer intends to reduce its carbon emissions as a result. Each year, these lorries enable carbon dioxide savings of up to 80 tons.

Along with its parent company Coop, Hilcona will in future be employing a hydrogen powered lorry owned by F. Murpf AG. The Solothurn logistics company is among the seven companies in Switzerland to receive one each of the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen heavy-duty fuel cell lorries at the start of October. South Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai made them specifically for the test market of Switzerland.
The Schaan-based food manufacturer will be able to employ this lorry to reduce the carbon emissions of its transportation flows. “Hydrogen is an amazing way to transport our high-quality food in a cost-effective way without emissions in future,” said Andri Schwerzmann, Head of Distribution at Hilcona AG, in a company press release. 
The hydrogen is produced from renewable electricity. Water is the only byproduct of the fuel cell, which generate the electricity to power the lorry. The vehicle saves up to 80 tons of carbon emissions per year.

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