Hilcona, the Liechtenstein-based food producer, has removed plastic packaging from its product range. Hilcona will be exclusively using recyclable materials for its cups and bowls with the aim of ensuring a closed environmental loop.

The crossover is to be completed on a step-by-step basis, as it must be ensured in advance that there is sufficient food-safe rPET material available for use with Hilcona’s to-go product range. Hilcona is convinced that among the disposable solutions, the rPET cups represent the most logical development in ecological terms. “Sustainability is a hugely important aspect not only for us but for our customers too. For this reason, we will be doing everything to further reduce our ecological footprint on an ongoing basis”, explains Barbara Held, Marketing Manager International at Hilcona AG, before adding: “In this way, we will not only live up to our own vision, but also meet the wishes of consumers”. The transition represents a contribution to the circular economy and therefore to preserving natural resources as well.
This is because the resources will be used twice. Plastics produced under the name rPET are made from PET bottles, which are sorted, cleaned and crushed into so-called flakes. These are subsequently melted down and processed into sheets. “Our cups were previously PET bottles. This recycling process almost gives the bottle a new life in the form of a cup or bowl”, comments Thomas Friedli, Head of Hilcona Packaging Development.

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