Hilcona has set itself the goal of using recyclable materials for half of its packaging by 2026. At the same time, the food processing company is also seeking to reduce the amount of plastic used in its packaging concepts.

Hilcona is ramping up its commitment to sustainability. By 2026, the company intends to make half of its packaging recyclable for end consumers, as the international food producer based in Schaan has now announced in a press release. At the same time, the proportion of plastic is to be reduced by 15 percent per unit of goods sold. The company is already seeking to play its part in driving a more sustainable future by avoiding waste and using renewable resources.

Hilcona’s packaging team is currently developing recyclable stand-up pouches and flow wrap film solutions, while packaging systems are also being adapted in line with new requirements at the same time. “We are constantly striving to optimize the development of packaging that requires less and less material to be used in production”, comments Thomas Friedli, head of Hilcona packaging development, in the press release, adding that: “Engineering also plays an important role in complying with these major requirements, especially for these two projects”.

To reduce the proportion of plastic, Hilcona is checking the material strength of its plastic shells. “At Hilcona, we are aware of our social responsibility and are keen to make a contribution to major global challenges”, explains Rainer Hoop, who heads up the Innovation, Quality Management and Sustainability division at Hilcona. “With these projects, we will both increase the proportion of recyclable sales items and at the same time reduce the proportion of plastic used”, he adds.

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