Hilcona wants to reduce food waste as much as possible. For this, the food manufacturer is turning to modern forecast systems, efficient logistics and further training. Much of what is nonetheless left over is donated to charities such as Caritas.

Hilcona has given around 210 tons of food on average per year to charities such as Caritas, Tischlein deck dich and die Tafel at a reduced rate or totally free in recent years. The Liechtenstein food manufacturer wants to play its part in ensuring food waste is reduced. Hilcona treats sustainability as an ongoing process, as CEO Martin Henck said in a press release from the company which is part of the Bell Food Group. “We will continue to closely work together with top-class companies in future.”
The reduction in waste is therefore being carried through the entire manufacturing process. Efficient logistics and short transport paths ensure that produce from the 500 farmers Hilcona works with will be quickly processed. Modern forecasting systems and modernized order processes ensure that markets are supplied with fresh products as per requirements. Hilcona employees are receiving training to raise awareness of how they can reduce waste.
This is also about reducing cost. “We live to sell food,” says Henck. “Every item not sold is a cost for us.” However, this is about much more than that. Hilcona “like other companies needs meaningful targets”. “This applies to both reducing food waste and also the sale of products at affordable prices for those  experiencing poverty.”

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