Schaan – The food supplier Hilcona has received the ARA climate certificate, which recognizes Hilcona’s climate-friendly handling of packaging.

Altstoff Recycling Austria AG (ARA) has awarded Hilcona the ARA climate certificate according to a press release. This symbolic award acknowledges climate-friendly handling of packaging. Hilcona has had climate certification from ARA since 1996, ensuring climate-friendly disposal of packaging in Austria.


Hilcona CEO Martin Henck is quoted in the press release, saying “Climate change affects us all, so we are still working hard to contribute towards climate protection. The collection and processing of used Hilcona Group packaging in Austria entails many positive environmental effects.”


According to the press release, Hilcona saved 126 metric tons of CO2 equivalents last year with the recovery of packaging. The company would like to continue to engage in climate protection in future years as well.

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