The Hilti Group generated sales of just under 2 billion Swiss francs in total over the first four months of 2021. Sales are therefore far higher than in the same period of last year, which was hit by the pandemic. Moreover, sales are also up on the figures posted in 2019.

According to a press release issued by Hilti, the Schaan-based construction machinery manufacturer generated sales of approximately 1.93 billion Swiss francs in total over the first four months of 2021. In comparison with the same period of the previous year, this equates to growth of 14.7 percent in Swiss francs and 16 percent in local currencies.

“The recovery trend in the global construction industry has continued and we have made a good start to the new fiscal year”, comments Hilti CEO Christoph Loos in the press release. “It is pleasing to note that we have not only made gains compared with the low basis from 2020, but also achieved growth of around 6 percent in local currencies versus the first four months of 2019”, Loos adds.

All market regions of the globally active group contributed to this positive performance. The highest sales growth was realized in the Europe sales region, where a plus of 22 percent was posted in local currencies. In the Americas region, sales were up by 9.9 percent year on year, while growth of 13.6 percent was registered in Asia/Pacific. At just 5 percent, the weakest growth was posted in the sales market comprising the regions of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Due to the low values recorded in the same period of the previous year driven by the pandemic situation, no forecast can be accurately derived on the basis of current growth rates, Hilti explains further in the press release. However, the group expects to post “sales growth in the high single-digit range in local currencies” for the 2021 fiscal year as a whole.

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