The Hilti Group recorded double-digit sales growth in financial year 2018. The internationally active construction machinery manufacturer from Liechtenstein also significantly increased its operating result.

According to a press release issued by the Hilti Group, the Liechtenstein-based construction machinery manufacturer generated global sales of 5.6 billion Swiss francs in the previous financial year. In comparison with 2017, this equates to growth of 10.7 percent. CEO Christoph Loos commented in the press release: “2018 was a highly dynamic and important year for us. We were able to exploit our strong financial basis and an ongoing positive market environment to make long-term investments”.

All market regions contributed to Hilti’s sales growth. The highest increases were recorded in the regions of Europe and North America at 10.6 percent and 10.4 percent respectively. The region of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa registered growth of 9.3 percent. In the region of Latin America, sales growth of 8.6 percent was recorded, while Asia and the Pacific improved by 7 percent.

Despite making high-level investments, the Hilti Group was also able to increase its operating result for 2018 by 7 percent year on year to 728 million francs. Net profit increased by 5 percent to 546 million francs in the same period. The profit margin (12.9 percent) and ROE (20.6 percent) both remained at a high level. For the current year, Hilti is anticipating mid-to-high single-digit growth for both sales and operating result in view of the global economic slowdown.

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