The measurement technology company INFICON had to accept a decrease in sales and profit for the business year 2019. Sales increased in the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Automotive market. In contrast, other areas saw weak development.

INFICON registered sales of 381.7 million US dollars in 2019, which is 7 percent lower than the previous year. Operating income was 64.8 million US dollars, which is 20 percent lower. The net income for INFICON was 52.8 million US dollars, which is 18% lower than the preceding year.
According to a press release on the financial figures, INFICON has faced several challenges due to the international economic environment. The individual divisions developed to different extents. The Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Automotive division achieved sales growth of 3.6 percent, reaching a record level of 84.4 million US dollars. The three separate areas of Semi & Vacuum Coating, Security & Energy and General Vacuum all registered a fall in sales.
According to the statement, INFICON is “cautiously positive” about the prospects for this year. However, it adds that the current economic situation is fragile, with the coronavirus outbreak, among other things, leading to new global uncertainties.
INFICON Holding AG has headquarters in Bad Ragaz. One of the three production companies is located in Balzers in neighboring Liechtenstein.

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