io-market AG is now bringing its software solution to blockchain. In addition, a digital IPO has now been realized for the subsidiary edeXa.

io-market AG has conducted the “first genuinely ‘digital’ IPO in Liechtenstein and Europe”, according to a press release. All investors received shares in the subsidiary edeXa via a blockchain platform, a development that has been described as “unique so far”.

io-market offers customized software solutions for small and large companies alike, and is now offering these services on the basis of blockchain technology, as explained in the press release. By using blockchain, the subsidiary edeXa is aiming to make business processes even more efficient and transparent. In doing so, the business model extends beyond the products offered by io-market. Customers should therefore be able to use blockchain for their supply chains and business processes.

In this way, “communications, data exchange and document dispatch between companies could be structured more securely, more transparently and more intuitively”. To this end, edeXa is cooperating with the Fraunhofer Institute and the Elite Graduate Program Finance & Information Management operated by the Elite Network of Bavaria.

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