Two teams from Walenstadt upper school have won the inaugural RoboLeague. Third place in the competition devised by Ivoclar Vivadent was claimed by a group from the Realschule Balzers. The robots developed by the students had to navigate their way through a maze.

A group from Walenstadt upper school has been crowned champions of the RoboLeague, Ivoclar Vivadent writes in a press release. The Schaan-based dental specialists held the competition for the first time on June 2, 2021, after being forced to cancel the event due to the coronavirus pandemic last year. The digital event saw a total of 15 groups with 50 students overall from Liechtenstein and Switzerland, in addition to their teachers, take part.

For the RoboLeague, participants were tasked with constructing a robot from Lego and programming it. Ivoclar Vivadent provided them with the infrastructure and platform for this, in addition to devising the rules of play. Moreover, the teachers of the participating groups attended a seminar to familiarize themselves with the topic.

For the competition on June 2, the robots had to analyze a maze and navigate their way through it as quickly as possible without further assistance. Two teams from Walenstadt upper school emerged victorious from the 15 groups. The third fastest robot was designed by a team from the Realschule Balzers.

“The decision to hold this year’s competition as a digital event was definitely a good one”, comments Stefan Wachter, member of the Ivoclar Vivadent organizing committee, in the press release. “Even though we were only able to meet up on webcam, there was a brilliant atmosphere”, he adds. However, next year the RoboLeague will be held as an in-person event if at all possible.

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