The coronavirus pandemic saw sales at Ivoclar Vivadent drop below the previous year’s figure to 640 million Swiss francs. However, in a market comparison, the Liechtenstein dental specialist performed better than its competitors. In fact, the company way even able to gain market share in some important sales regions.

Many dental practices and dental laboratories were forced to close at least temporarily during 2020 due to the pandemic, Ivoclar Vivadent explains in a press release. This led to sales declines across the industry as a whole, including for the Liechtenstein dental specialist. In specific terms, in 2020 sales at Ivoclar Vivadent fell by 17.7 percent (after adjustment for currency effects) year on year to 640 million Swiss francs.
“It was a challenging year, no doubt about that”, says CEO Diego Gabathuler in the press release. “But it was also a year with many positive developments for us”. In this context, Ivoclar Vivadent managed to record growth in countries such as Russia, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands. In Europe and Asia, the Liechtenstein dental specialist outperformed the competition and increased its market shares.
Ivoclar Vivadent placed particular value on ensuring that customer supply was uninterrupted during the pandemic. “We were able to deliver throughout the year and offer our customers high quality service all year round”, explains Gabathuler, who described this achievement as being “far from a matter of course”. In addition, the company launched various new products in the year under review. In this context, the press release mentions the Ivotion Denture System, which can be used to produce two-tone dentures from a single sheet of material, among other things. The system received a product innovation award from the American College of Prosthodontics in November 2020.

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