Ivoclar Vivadent has announced it is scaling up its collaborative efforts with 3Shape from Denmark. This will benefit smart and fully integrated digital workflows in esthetic dentistry, with the 3D oral scanner and software, for example.

Ivoclar Vivadent is expanding its range of products used in esthetic dentistry with a 3D scanner and software from 3Shape. The portfolio of the Danish company “ideally complements the systems composed of dental materials and production equipment from Ivoclar Vivadent”, it was reported in a press release
“The success story of 3Shape and Ivoclar Vivadent continues,” said 3Shape CEO Jakob Just-Bomholt. Together, the companies will come up with more innovative solutions and workflows. “Ivoclar Vivadent and 3Shape together offer competitive end-to-end solutions not only for dental offices but also for laboratories and orthodontic practices,” said the CEO of the Liechtenstein company, Diego Gabathuler.
The cooperation between the two companies will enhance patient consultations with an augmented reality software that provides a preview of the treatment result in real-time 3D. In addition, a fully integrated chairside solution features an intraoral scanner and a compact 5-axis milling machine. Other systems and patented workflows from Ivoclar Vivadent were also integrated in the 3Shape Dental System 2020.

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