The group of companies owned by Liechtenstein entrepreneur Fritz Kaiser is expanding its trust business with new employees. Growth was also reported by the Kaiser Partner Privatbank for 2018, including a two-fold increase in its assets under management.

Fritz Kaiser is continuing to expand its group of companies. Kaiser Partner above all plans to expand its trust business. To this end, Stefan Liniger has been selected as the member of the Board of Directors to take on responsibility for Kaiser Partner’s wealth management and trust business. According to a press release from Kaiser Partner, Stefan Liniger has extensive experience in this area. Between 2011 and 2018, he headed up the wealth planning and trust business of Rothschild & Co, transforming it into a market leader. Various other experienced advisors and professionals are joining Kaiser Partner alongside Liniger. Elena Andrianova is also on the team as “a highly respected advisor to first-generation entrepreneurs and wealthy women”.

Kaiser Partner reported on developments at the Kaiser Partner Privatbank in its press release as well. At the start of 2018, it acquired the local business of Bank Vontobel in Liechtenstein and it is now the fifth largest bank in Liechtenstein, with 75 employees. In 2018, Privatbank’s assets under management went up to more than 4 billion Swiss francs, while profits doubled to 4.5 million francs. Fritz Kaiser commented on the pleasing results: “We invested early in IT systems and compliance, we have some interesting projects in development, and we see further opportunities for growth.”

According to the press release, Fritz Kaiser will gradually step back from operational responsibilities so he can spend more time on strategic issues. “We have outstanding people throughout the group of companies who take responsibility operationally and on the Board of Directors,” he said.

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