The government of Liechtenstein launches digital cheques to actively support SME digitalisation measures, with the focus on promoting the digital expertise of employees.

According to a press release by the Liechtenstein government, the Office of National Economy will be guaranteeing the issue of digital checks between March 2019 and the end of 2020 as part of a temporary programme. SMEs based in Liechtenstein who have existed for at least five years or were started at least five years ago are eligible for support. Ownership of a valid trade licence is also one of the conditions. The government wants to use the sectorally unrestricted promotional instrument of digital cheques to accompany and support them through all stages of the value chain.

Liechtenstein Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs Daniel Risch says in the press release that “the state is helping to create an innovation-friendly environment through ancillary measures such as the issue of innovation and export cheques, which has been successful for many years, or participation in the RhySearch research and innovation centre”. “The digital cheques will now also in particular take account of developments in the area of digitalisation. “

Digital cheques are however not just intended to promote investment in technology and efficient processes, rather the focus will also be on the people “who are supposed to be served by digitalisation”. Therefore, one of the main priorities is to promote the digital expertise of employees. The aim is to ensure “that innovation and growth are achieved based on human know-how and technological progress”.

Interested SMEs who meet the criteria can apply for a digital cheque on a dedicated website. The Office of National Economy will then check completed applications.

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