LGT has grown rapidly in the last few years and now needs more space. The bank wants to extend its headquarters in Vaduz to cope with this. Space is to be created for around 330 work stations with two new buildings.

In the last few years LGT has managed to not only increase its amount of managed assets and profits. It is also continuously increasing its staff numbers. According to an article by “Wirtschaft Regional”, since 2017 alone the bank has grown organizationally and has taken on 240 more employees. As a consequence it needs more space.

Therefore, the bank is planning to build two new buildings in the capital Vaduz in the coming years. An architectural design competition was recently put out for tender for this purpose. The two buildings are to be constructed over two stages and will create space for 330 people in total. Ivo Marty, LGT’s Head of Group Facility Management, told the newspaper that it was still too early to say what the exact investment costs would be. He said initially the focus would be on the architectural design competition for the first stage.

According to the article, the first building is to include 210 work stations and 140 underground parking spaces. The second building will provide space for a further 120 persons and 120 cars. However, it is not yet certain whether this second building will actually be built. LGT will re-evaluate whether the second building is needed depending on developments in the coming years. 

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