A wooden building from LGT has been awarded Minergie A and P-Eco certification. The temporary office behind the main building of LGT in Vaduz is therefore one of the most sustainable buildings in Liechtenstein.

The temporary office Egerta 2 behind the existing main LGT building has been awarded the highest sustainability certificate by Minergie Schweiz, as the LGT Group revealed in a press release. Specifically, the wooden building has been granted Minergie A and P-Eco certification. Egerta 2 is therefore one of the most sustainable buildings in Liechtenstein.

“In the planning and realization of this building, we applied the highest standards in all areas – from materials used to energy concept and building ecology,” said Martin Nägele from LGT Facility Management. Egerta 2 is reportedly the first Eco office building in Liechtenstein and Switzerland to meet the highest sustainability standards from Minergie Schweiz. The experience gained in constructing the temporary office will be applied to the new LGT building.

According to a press release, Minergie Schweiz confirmed compliance with the highest demands for quality, comfort and energy. Alongside the exceptional building envelope, compliance with health and building ecology were also praised in the planning and execution. The building for 220 LGT employees has solar panels on the roof.

LGT will use the wooden building as an interim solution until the new building in Vaduz is completed. “After this, the building will not simply be demolished,” explained Ivo Klein, the Board of Directors of LGT Bank in the press release. “It is designed so that it can be autonomously operated or taken down and rebuilt in another location.” 

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