The international rating agency Standard & Poor's has once again awarded the Principality of Liechtenstein its top rating of AAA with a stable outlook. Its assessment above all underlined the positive financial situation of public budgets in the country.

The international rating agency Standard & Poor’s assesses the credit rating of Liechtenstein every six months. As part of the latest review on November 29, “Liechtenstein’s top rating of AAA with a stable outlook was once again confirmed”, as detailed by a press release issued by the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein. According to this, “the healthy financial state of public budgets in Liechtenstein” was key in Standard & Poor’s decision to re-confirm the top rating.

Standard & Poor’s expects government expenditure in the areas of investment and social progress in Liechtenstein to rise over the next 12 months. The rating agency is, however, of the view that this does not represent any form of danger to the government budget. According to Standard & Poor’s assessment, it is much more likely that the economy and financial situation in Liechtenstein will continue to develop positively.

The Prime Minister of Liechtenstein, Adrian Hasler, takes the view that maintaining the top rating is far from a given, but rather requires “continuous further development”, as he stated in the press release. The rating does, however, serve as confirmation of the validity of the adopted path and appeal of Liechtenstein as an economic location, the Prime Minster explained.

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