Liechtenstein cannot save the climate on its own or even with its neighbours, but it can still make an important contribution. This is the opinion of Caroline Voigt, president of the Liechtenstein Insurance Association. And she believes that the country is already a role model in this respect.

Climate action is a major topic in Liechtenstein, but the country has “certainly not yet reached its goals when it comes to the climate,” writes Caroline Voigt, president and director of the Liechtenstein Insurance Association, in an opinion piece for the Liechtenstein newspaper Wirtschaft regional. Nevertheless, people, politicians and business people in Liechtenstein, as in the rest of the German-speaking countries, are “already quite climate conscious”.

“The German-speaking region in Europe, including Liechtenstein, is, in some respects, a role model for many other countries and regions around the world, and it can fulfil this role if the political and social will is there,” adds Voigt. Although she emphasizes that Liechtenstein cannot save the global climate, neither alone nor with its German-speaking neighbours, she is of the opinion that smaller countries such as Liechtenstein, which benefit from globalization, have the responsibility to ensure that the climate goals are achieved. “Even small contributions are important,” she writes.

According to Voigt, the insurance industry is strongly affected by climate change as the intensity and frequency of damages are on the rise, particularly in sensitive sectors. “The more unpredictably such phenomena occur, the stronger the demand will be for risk protection,” Voigt writes.

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