Liechtenstein’s first digital asset management service is now online. Clients can use the online platform Estably to carry out investment transactions by smartphone or computer, anytime and anywhere.

Estably is Liechtenstein’s first fully digital asset management service. According to a press release, the service is of particular interest to younger investors who want to carry out their investment transactions online without being restricted to business hours or location.
Clients can use Estably’s digital service with an investment amount starting at €35,000. The service, which is operated independent of banks or financial products, is easy to use from a computer or smartphone.  
The digital asset management provider offers a sustainable and transparent value investing strategy. Prices will remain below the market average, and modern networks and server technologies are meant to guarantee performance and data protection.
“We are pleased to have created the first online asset management service from and in Liechtenstein,” says Andreas Wagner, Managing Director and Partner of Estably Asset Management Ltd. “Estably allows us to continue the long tradition of the Liechtenstein financial center while also setting new standards with future-oriented web solutions.”

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