In Liechtenstein, a new series of stamps is aiming to encourage people to send handwritten letters to people they hold dear, especially during these difficult times. To this end, Philately Liechtenstein has designed two stamps featuring the motto “i denk a di” on behalf of Liechtensteinische Post AG.

According to a press release, a new series of stamps has been designed to symbolically show how Liechtenstein has come closer together during this period of self-isolation and quarantine. To this end, Liechtensteinische Post has issued two stamp images with values of 1 and 1.50 Swiss francs bearing the message “i denk a di” – I’m thinking of you. 
Especially during these times when we are instructed to reduce direct contact with other people, handwritten letters or cards can be seen as an expression of personal proximity, a press release states. For this reason, Philately Liechtenstein wanted to encourage people to once again take the time to write by hand a letter to someone they hold dear in order to let them know “I’m thinking of you”.
The postage stamps are available at all post offices that remain open as well as online at the Philately Liechtenstein website.

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