Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG is expanding its portfolio with two bond funds and two equity funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors. The funds cover all risk categories and incorporate sustainability.

Liechtenstein Life’s acquisition of four funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors expands its portfolio in unit-linked annuity insurance, announced the insurance company from Rugell in a statement. “Against the background of permanently low interest rates, it is increasingly important in pension provision to focus on capital market products,” commented Gordon Diehr, COO of Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG.

In the bonds division, Liechtenstein Life is acquiring Global Ultra Short Fixed Income and Euro Inflation Linked Intermediate Duration Fixed Income, while in the equity division, it is integrating Global Sustainability Core Equity and the World Equity Fund. These four additional funds cover “all risk categories, from security to earnings-oriented”, according to the statement.

“Users are increasingly interested in which financial securities the fund manager of their choice is working in,” said Diehr. “At Dimensional, we have found interesting new approaches that enrich our funds portfolio, such as the sustainable approach with Global Sustainability Core Equity Fund.”

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