Liechtenstein Life is increasing the basic selection of fund-linked pension and life insurance policies from the current level of 165 to more than 2,000 investment options. Policy holders can select where and in which products to invest their money.

In terms of increasing the investment options, additional exchange-traded fund (ETFs) will initially be included among the basic selection available to policyholders, as outlined by Liechtenstein Life in its press release. Customers of the insurance firm based in Rugell should in future have access to a much broader basic selection of actively managed and passive funds from more than 100 prestigious product suppliers, the press release explains further. Gordon Diehr, COO of Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG, comments in the press release how policyholders would therefore have the opportunity to decide themselves whether to invest their money in the USA or China, for example, or whether they would prefer technological or sustainable investments. According to Diehr, the ability to make such decisions is increasingly of interest to customers.

Liechtenstein Life allocates a basic selection of active and passive funds from a variety of product suppliers for fund-linked insurance policies. The spectrum ranges from small boutiques to asset managers such as BlackRock and Schroders, which are occasionally represented in the overall range with 20 or more products, Liechtenstein Life explains. Brokers should now have at their disposal a list of more than 2,000 investment options on the proprietary prosperity-broker portal.

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