The government of Liechtenstein has put in place the legal framework for shorter working hours due to the coronavirus outbreak. The application deadline is just one day. This is an attempt to safeguard jobs.

The current legal situation has not made provisions for shorter working hours due to a pandemic and its effects, a press release issued by the Government of Liechtenstein explains. In view of the coronavirus outbreak, however, the Government has now created the requisite legal framework. The corresponding regulation comes into force with the announcement and shall apply until June 30, 2020.
A part-time work allowance will be paid to the employer retrospectively. “Employers are therefore also obliged in connection with the coronavirus epidemic to pay wages and will receive the part-time work allowance after making these wage payments”, the government explains. However, the new regulation includes an application deadline of just a single day, rather than the seven days that are usually permitted.
The government describes the new shorter working hours regime as an immediate measure “to cope with the extraordinary nature of the current situation and to cushion the economic effects of the coronavirus epidemic as quickly and as effectively as possible”. In this way, the government is aiming to safeguard jobs.

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