The number of people in employment in Liechtenstein rose further in 2019. At 2.6 percent, the increase is at a similar level to the previous year. As with previous years, the country had more jobs than inhabitants.

According to the provisional results from the employment statistics for 2019 generated by the Office of Statistics (AS), the number of employees in full or part-time employment in Liechtenstein rose by 1,035 versus the previous year. As at the end of the year, 40,670 people were employed. Compared with 2018, this corresponds to an increase of 2.6 percent. Job growth had risen by 2.5 percent the previous year.
According to the AS, all municipalities were able to create more jobs by the end of the reporting year. The press release states that the highest number of positions was created in the municipality of Rugell in 2019, where the number of employed persons rose by 200 on the previous year to 1,890. Schaan, Triesen and Vaduz followed with additions of between 178 and 144 new jobs. Planken ranked at the other end of the scale, where employment only rose by two positions within the year to reach 60 places.
As with previous years, the number of people employed in Liechtenstein at the end of 2019 exceeded the resident population at the same reporting date. The AS estimates this to be 38,749 inhabitants in the provisional results for population statistics for 2019.
The AS will publish the definitive figures for employment statistics in mid-September. The AS analysts explain in the press release that a maximum deviation of plus or minus 200 jobs is anticipated based on previous experience.

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