Total energy consumption in Liechtenstein fell year on year in 2018. Per capita consumption was also down compared with 2017 and a higher proportion of energy consumed was produced domestically.

The Energy Statistics for 2018 measured total energy consumption of 1,210,461 megawatt hours for Liechtenstein. Therefore, the country's energy consumption was down 2.5% on the previous year. Per capita consumption fell by 1.0 megawatt hours to 31.5 megawatt hours in the same period.

As in previous years, electricity accounted for the highest proportion of total energy consumed in 2018 (33.8%). In second place came gas (20.4%), followed by diesel, district heating from waste, heating oil and petrol with shares of between 12.2 and 8.5%. Year on year the proportion of liquid fossil energy carriers heating oil, diesel and petrol were reduced from 31.6 to 29.7%.

Roughly 157,500 of the total megawatt hours consumed originated from domestic energy resources in 2018. Therefore, the rate of own generation increased from 12.3 to 13.0% compared with 2017. Electricity production from domestic energy carriers amounted to 86,052 megawatt hours in 2018 and was therefore 5.0% lower than in the prior year. In Liechtenstein 71,472 megawatt hours of energy were produced in total with domestic firewood, biogas and solar thermal systems.

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